Chosen To Race

"Chosen to Race" by Abigail Lee
“Chosen to Race” by Abigail Lee

For Paul,

his life is filled with horses and horse racing. After the disappearance of two important figures in his life, horse racing became his everything, his life career, his dream… his hiding place. However, when a mysterious dappled grey horse comes into his life, his defenses are stripped away and everything he thought was impossible becomes real. To top it off, Paul is forced to face the past he thought he’d left far behind and make the choice: Who am I racing for? Me?

For Bree,

her life is in pieces. When her rider dies, Bree finds herself in the hands of a young man who knows nothing of her past nor of her responsibility. Time is running out. As the past continues to slip into darkness, her family and the world is put into increasing danger. The world needs Roans and she is the last one. As Bree dives into the world’s past, she must win the trust of a fearful man and find the family she lost years ago.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Man and horse have raced for years. However, in “Chosen To Race”, Abigail’s debut novel, one will be introduced to a different type of racing… one that changes the very fabric of time.

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