How it began…

I think many would agree…books have this power…this magical mind-blowing power. Books are special. Maybe that’s why the Bible is a collection of books or maybe that’s why books are just so much better than movies! Books just draw you in and speak in a way that no tongue ever could.

My love for books and writing started back to when I was barely able to write. When I was six, I drew potato people and stick horses. I’d make small four page books about Sherbert the Orange fish or Spirit the Horse. I let my imagination flow. When I reached middle school, I was an emerging poet. But I mainly kept my works to myself because I was afraid that they were unworthy. This fear of unworthiness perpetuated until Freshman year of high school where I decided to write a novel.

I joined NaNoWriMo’s (National Novel Writer’s Month) 2013 writing marathon because I was curious of my potential. Was I skilled enough to write a book? Did I have the potential? Was I worthy? 

For the next month, I strived to write 1,660+ words a day. I chose a horse with a special ability and an Asian American jockey as my main characters. It was an odd pair but I ran with the idea!

 I met my goal on November 23, 2013.
Two years later, I’m a published author who smiles at the camera holding her book not just happy that she’s an author but overjoyed because… this book symbolizes the journey where she found confidence in God. As I wrote my book, I did find answers to my questions. I was skilled enough to write a novel. I did have potential. But it wasn’t the book that made me worthy. I learned that worthiness comes from God alone… no publicity from this book will ever change that.
When I look back at the journey, I realize that a lot has changed since I was a doubtful dreamer. Thirty days changed my life and fifty thousand words proved to me that I’m more than just a youth. I’m a kid with a voice. I’m a kid with a story.

I tell you my story not to boast or gain attention but instead, I hope you will not be afraid to try the hard things in life. Be bold! Don’t doubt!

If you’re an adult or a kid reading this, don’t doubt what you can do. It’s never too late to “do hard things”.

Finally, trust God…

Because I doubted, I had a difficult time trusting Him when I wrote my book. However I didn’t give up on Him. In reality, God can do so many things. If you look at the Bible, the book is full of people who doubted and were afraid but in the end, God did the impossible with people like Gideon, David, Esther, Mary…the list goes on for generations…and I know it will continue for generations to come.



NaNoWriMo –

“Do Hard Things” You Version devotional by Alex and Brett Harris

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