Plan, Write, Rewrite Pt. 2


A couple days ago, my family and I celebrated my dad’s birthday. I’d like to dedicate this blogpost to him. Thanks Daddy for inspiring my journey. I think inspiration has finally come full circle. You inspired me when you persevered through iHomeEducator’s tough days and I’ve inspired you in my work in Chosen To Race. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… 🙂


About three years ago, I wrote a blog post called, “Plan, Write, Rewrite“. If you go  and read it, I’m sure you’ll find my Freshman mind to be quite hilarious. 😆 I was astounded! Amazed! Writers… authors… they write with such talent and skill. They weave words into pictures and paintings, quilts and moving pictures. To this day, I’m still amazed but now I’m standing on the other end of the spectrum.

I’m an author.

I wrote and published a book.


You cannot believe how weird and surreal saying those ten words are! But what’s interesting is that as an author… I hold even greater respect for the authors of bestsellers and classics. Why? Well, they found the perfect mix of fantasy, adventure, romance, friendship, etc. that resonated with a majority.

It got me thinking… 😕

How does one find that perfect match? How do they solve that puzzle? How do they find that gold nugget of a plot?

I wish it were easy as “Ba da bing ba da BOOM!” but unfortunately it’s not.

Writing is the only way you’re going to find that perfect plot. It cannot magically appear all at once in one’s head. It takes flushing out ideas. It takes writing. Honestly, writing can be painful… it can be rejuvenating…but in the end… it can be fun! Even if you’re writing the word “write” a hundred times on the page… you’re still getting somewhere!!

Words are like music. They have a rhythm.

They can be sung. They can be whispered or yelled.

They can paint… they can rhyme… they can be anything.

Words are pretty. Words are ugly.

They can change. They can fly.

Words are what you make them to be.

“But what do I write?” You may ask.

“Anything… and everything.” I will answer.

Maybe its starting small like describing the fuzzy socks on your toes or the rain that’s tapping the gutter by your window. Maybe it’s writing down the banter between your brother and sister. Or even recalling that embarrassing moment on stage.

I’d like to end this blog post with a poem I wrote two years ago… may it bring hope in your writing.

Abby 😉

The Journey of A Writer

by Abigail Lee, 2014

The journey of a writer is long

But the adventure I undertake is exciting!

The characters I meet, add meaning to my life

Rouses love, opens fear,

Stirs up joy, brings out tears.

The subconscious is revealed

And imagination shows its full extent.

Limits found, strengths unbound

All is known

Wounds are sewn.


The journey of a writer is long

I get lost, lose direction, and ignore my conscience intervention.

I find myself in paradise, in horrid places, and frozen ice.

Where angels dwell, where goodness swells

Where demons sour sit and glower

They become changed for good in the end

As I continue on…


The journey of a writer is long

When whiteness fills my vision

When words disappear and thoughts, they vanish

When characters are found struck dumb.

But through the silence I have to find words

And through the abyss I find courage.

Even it be a seed of hope

It ends up carrying me home.


The journey of a writer is long

But no writer is perfect

No human ever is!

Writers just have courage to write.

And although the journey is long…

It is rewarding to any and everyone who tries.


Picture – “Person writing”

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